Moving in

You are welcome to pick up the keys as of 3:00 PM at Kista Galleria's office, stairway 7 in Kista Galleria.

You will sign out two keys to the apartment and two access badges when you move in. You are responsible for ensuring that all keys that you obtain when you move in are also returned on the day you move out. If you lose a key(s) you will be charged the cost for changing the lock. The access badge also gives you access to the garbage room, the community kitchen and laundry room.
When you pick up the keys you have to bring a valid identification.
The moving-in day is usually the 1st of every month. If the moving-in day falls on a Saturday, Sunday or other general holiday, the moving-in day will be the next weekday.
You do not have to pick up the keys on the move-in day. You can also pick them up at a later date. However, you must pay rent from the date the contract takes effect, regardless of whether you move in on the move-in day or later.

However, you may not move into the apartment earlier, even if the vacating tenant moves out before the end of the termination period. The main reason for this is that if something were to happen in the apartment, possible insurance does not apply until the day your contract with us is becomes applicable.

Never take keys directly from the previous tenant. We must always check to make sure that the right number of keys has been returned. We will change the lock if any keys are missing.
Kista Studentbostäder will have inspected the apartment before you move in. You will get a copy of the inspection report when you move in. This includes information about anything that shall be repaired in the apartment, which will most likely be done after you have moved in. If that is the case you will receive information about this. If you are not happy with the inspection or if you find defects that were not listed in the report you have the possibility to make comments on the inspection within seven days after you move in, which are then saved for the time you are a resident and are taken into consideration when you move out.

When you move you are obligated to report your new address.